PG 103 Pitting Machine

We would like to point out that post installation analysis of our machines' performance (conducted by us and our clients) showed extremely low percentage of remained stones in pitted cherries: guaranteed max 0,05%, by clients confirmed 0,01 – 0,02 %.

Experience of all our clients confirms work with 0,00% of remained stones when adequate quality and preparation of the fruit (clean, calibrated product with adequate ripeness) is provided.

We would also like to point out that, thanks to special distribution system, providing almost 100% filled up plates (with fruit), and extremely large size of plates, our machine has at least 50% – 100% higher capacity than any other machine on the market, achieving this capacity with the optimal tact of 60 cycles per min.

For more information download a brochure about stone fruit pitting processing lines and PG 103 and PG 104 Pitting machines.