PG 062 Calibrator With Cylinders and Changeable Pitch

For sorting fruit or vegetable products according to the size.  Products (fruit or vegetable) are treated in the most delicate way, without any product maltreatment and provides perfect calibration for each product during its way through the machine!  Thanks to adequately dimensioned in-feed hopper and special brush (for removing any surplus level of the product on the calibration rolls), you always have only one level (or row) of the product on the calibration rolls. Which provides you the best condition for a perfect calibration.  Our built-in system of freely dropping rolls allows for continuous and independent adjustment of sorting size in each calibration section separately and independently (in range of 10-38 mm, which “covers” most of your different fruits or vegetables).

Forced rotation of calibration rolls brings each single product particle into the perfect position for calibration. This is not possible to provide with any other sorting principle of construction.  This allows you to adjust calibration range from 10 to 38 mm, excellent results are obtained in calibration of most types of fruits and vegetables, including deep frozen products.

Made entirely of stainless steel, including all bearings, bearing housings and supports.  Calibrator is equipped with a electric panel with built-in inverter (electronic frequency converter), providing continuous speed regulation.  The electric panel is equipped with all necessary automatics for complete control of the calibrator, as well as for control & commands for the connected PG 025 belts for transportation of calibrating products.