Infused Dried Fruit

Consumers today are more and more oriented to the natural products and products which natural properties are improved.  At the same time, it is necessary to improve the preservation ability and expand the use possibilities and shelf life.  Infused dried fruit meets all the above criteria.

Fresh fruit, especially forest fruits, which have exceptional organoleptic characteristics, received new qualities with the infusion process.  The process of Infused Dried Fruits is based on the natural processes of membrane diffusion, that is through the membrane.  The cells membrane of the fruits diffuses the material aiming to equalize the concentration.  Unlike the freeze drying process of fruit drying, the infusion drying process mostly preserves the original shape and color of the fresh fruits and vegetables.

In this unique way we can obtain the dried fruit with a high content of healthy fruit sugar (Fructose), preserving as much as possible the form (without the deformation of the conventional drying), which is not possible with other technological process (besides freeze drying).

A very important feature of this process is that during the process of infusion, disaccharides of the sugar syrup are turned into healthy and natural monosaccharides or fruit sugar fructose, which increases the natural qualities of the fruit.

The final product of Infused Fruit is not sweetened, it contains no added sugars, but applies natural healthy fructose.

Basic Steps of the Infused Dried Fruit Process:

  • Solution preparation for the fruit pre-treatment
  • Fruit Treatment with stabilization solution
  • Preparation of the solution for infusion
  • Infusion process
  • Infusion solution for recycling and regeneration
  • Surface washing of infused fruit
  • Application of oily materials to prevent clumping of the finished products