Fluidised Bed IQF Freezer

EASY Freeze standard configuration includes inverters (frequency converters) for each fan separately, and internal video monitoring system, which provides to You machinery with extraordinary working possibilities, installed and started up.

It also includes evaporator with tubes entirely made of stainless steel, as it is shown in the position description.

EASY Freeze featuring compact construction and efficient execution, easy access to all freezer parts and spaces, will satisfy all Your needs and requirements. Our clients' experience confirms its superior performance with extremely difficult products, giving to you ENERGY SAVING and TROUBLE FREE solution.

EASY Freeze extraordinary freezing efficiency provides the best possible freezing effect even if product flow fluctuation is high, and capacity is going over 100%, thanks mainly to the freezer and evaporators construction and dimensioning.

EASY Freeze is completely controlled by a built in PLC and touch screen panel, and it is equipped with internal video monitoring system with special cameras working at -40 °C conditions, allowing the complete control of the entire process from outside, without entering into the freezer.

EASY Freeze can be delivered either with built-in stainless steel wire mesh belt, or with built-in plastic belt.

For more information download a brochure about EASY Freeze.