EASY Freeze Spyro

High efficiency compact energy saving freezing solution.



  • the very good thermal exchange on the surface of the product;
  • the HIGHEST speed of cold penetration;
  • the quality of the freezing process, and long running time with very low frost forming;
  • Very low weight loss, which is two times less then with vertical air flow!
  • Hitting the incoming product with the coldest air; the product is therefore immediately "crusted" and snow formation diminished;
  • Cold air is going directly from evaporator to the product, not passing over fan motors, providing on this way the coldest air and the most uniform air distribution (otherwise there are 2 °C of temp. loses);
  • Drum is without lateral openings to improve the air guidance and to minimize the possibility to accumulate dirtiness;
  • The lateral aprons to guide the airflow on the opposite side of the evaporators are on easy access design like door openable or sliding, but in any case easy access is granted all around;
  • Possibility to have bi-directional air flow and speed on the product, just adjusting the by-pass and the fans;
  • Snow reduction: the temperature increase of cold air passing through the product is very low. Air cannot therefore increase substantially its humidity content.
  • Belts gear motors are positioned outside the insulated cabin (no any lubrication inside the freezer) avoiding any risks of contaminations due to some oil leakages;
  • The unit doesn't have any mezzanine floor and or intermediary platform, to avoid any dirtiness accumulation (presence of any mezzanine floor or intermediary platform are making more difficult the cleaning operations) – the absolutely highest hygienic standards satisfied;
  • The absolutely highest mechanical reliability of spiral belt conveyor;
  • Freezer design is made according to max. thermal load and max. surface occupied on the belt by the different products foreseen;

For more information download a brochure about EASY Freeze Spyro.