De-Freezers & Heaters with Rotating Coil System:

The Concentration with rotating soli systems take advantage of the same principles of the concentration kettle, but with superior working speed thanks to the wide heat exchange surface. They have the same functionality of the concentration kettles simultaneously while utilizing a smaller number of machines & space.

Companies with existing plants can use the de-freezers and pre-heaters that can integrate into their existing production line while helping to increase their yields. The system allows you to increase productivity while reducing production time.

De-Freezers & Heaters with Rotating Coil System Technical Features:

  • Plants are made of AISI 316 Stainless Steel
  • Automated PLC to Monitor Cycles According to Parameters Set, allows you to Homogenize all Types of Products

De-Freezers & Heaters with Rotating Coil System Options:

  • Weighting System through Load Cells
  • Brix Control
  • PH Control
  • Pumps or Trolleys Charge
  • Pumps or Pressure Discharge
  • CIP Washing System
Diameter Heated Volume Workable Volume Evaporated Steam Consumption
mm l l kg/h kg/h
500 70 150 250 400
850 300 650 750 800
1.000 500 1050 1200 1800
1.280 1200 2000 2000 3000