Turbo Extractors for Frozen Extraction by Thermopulse® pulsing trasfer of thermal power

The new VFX Series machines were created from the VCX Series. The VFX Series specializes in puree production from frozen fruits and vegetables from IQF or grinded blocks.

Processed products include strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and vegetables.


The VFX Turbo Extractors are able to avoid or reduce the difficulties when using a traditional, slow defrosting

  • Extract puree fastly, avoiding important quality losses during the phases of trasport, defrosting and extraction
  • Extraction time for it's frozen product is equal to the time one would encounter when extracting from fresh product
  • the final product is a partially defrosted puree, since it still has small frozen pieces, resulting in lower power used
  • If you choose to refreeze, you would save additional power because the defrosting phase is unnecessary and the time and power used for refreezing is lowered.