The Bertocchi EOS TT is a Tube-in-Tube Enzymatic Deactivation System that is designed for production of High Quality puree for all your fruits & vegetables.  The New EOS System is available in VCX, VFX, Polar/TT Systems, which will allow you to increase the quality of your puree in terms of color, flavor, aroma and consistency with a high quality product for your customer.

EOS TT P (with Pasteurization)

We added the thermal holding section and a separate temperature regulation, the EOS TT P System is the best choice for pasteurization of the puree which can be used immediately in case of hot filling.

EOS TT HP (for High-Viscosity Products)

The EOS TT HP System has been designed and equipped to heat up the High-Viscosity and density purees (i.e. pumpkins beans). We utilize a piston pump and a specific design of tubular elements; it is particularly suitable for heavy duty work.

EOS TT HP P (for Pasteurization & High-Viscosity products)

The EOS TT HP P System has the advantages of the EOS TT P & EOS TT HP solutions to give us the possibilities of working with High-Viscosity puree with maximum flexibility and simplicity of the process.  In the "P" version, a pasteurization of the product is added to enable the subsequent hot filling.

The EOS TT System is equipped with our VCX Extractor, ROTOPULSE, Pumping Group, Cold Deaeration, EOS TT, and CIP for washing.  The EOS TT system is capable of handling up to 12 tons per hour.