Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers

With the addition of some of the most recognized names in shell-and-tube technology, Alfa Laval offers an unrivaled range of solutions for the refrigeration, air conditioning, oil and gas, petrochemical and process industries, and further strengthens our position as the market leader in heat transfer applications. 

This addition gives customers the flexibility to pick and choose the best heat transfer solution for their application from a product mix of shell-and-tube, plate-and-frame, spiral, and scraped-surface heat exchangers.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers are often a good option when working with extreme temperatures and pressures. These heat exchangers are used for a wide variety of purposes as:

  • vaporizers
  • coolers
  • condensers
  • evaporators
  • chillers
  • heaters 
  • pressure vessels
  • receivers
  • kettle reboilers